Welcome back!

Greetings from CUR chemistry’s fearless leader, Dr. Kraig Wheeler. CUR wants to help you made this semester a success. Welcome back.

Welcome back to a new semester.  I trust each of you are off to a good start and that this coming year will offer much success to you and your students.

curchem-fbCUR Chemistry has been very active this past year!  I hope you have been able to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog site and benefited from the growing collection of resources found there.  These offerings aim to support faculty engaged with undergraduate researchers.  I am particularly excited about the many blog posts we have that discuss important viewpoints and best practices.  Faculty at all stages of their career will find these posts useful with topics ranging from effective lab management, making the most of conferences with students, various aspects of landing an academic position, and just curchem-twittergetting to know other UR PIs from across the country. I hope you find these resources valuable and timely for your needs, and keep your eyes open for news and opportunities including CUR institutes, travel awards, and CUR Chemistry symposia at upcoming ACS meetings!

If you have not done so already, please consider becoming a CUR member.  CUR’s core mission of supporting faculty engaged in undergraduate research is greatly amplified with a larger membership base.  The process is easy and no cost to you and your students if your institution holds an enhanced membership.

Below, please find a list of upcoming deadlines related to awards, conference abstracts, CUR workshops, and funding opportunities.  Strike while the iron is hot! …and often.

Best for a new year!

Kraig is already in the lab…

Kraig Wheeler

CUR Chemistry Division, Chair

AWARDS – Undergraduate Research Deadlines
CUR Fellows Awards please check site
ACS Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution 11/1/16
CUR Goldwater Scholars Faculty Mentor Award 11/7/16
CONFERENCE ABSTRACTS (Spring 2017 meetings)
ACS (April 2-6, San Francisco, CA) (please check link for details) October
ASBMB (April 22-26, Chicago, IL) 11/17/16
National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 12/2/16
                  Posters on the Hill 11/2/16
Eastern Analytical Symposium (Nov. 14-16, Somerset, NJ) (Oral closed) posters 9/12/16
Materials Research Society (Nov. 27 – Dec. 2, Boston, MA)  
Initiating and Sustaining Undergraduate Research Programs 9/15/16
Beginning a Research Program in the Natural Sciences at a PUI 9/28/16
Broadening Participation Institute 10/19/16
CUR Dialogues 2/19/17
ACS-PRF (UR and UNI) 9/16/16 – 10/21/16
CHM (CAT, CSDM, CTMC, SYN) 9/1/16 –9/20/16
(CMI, CLP, ECS, MSN) 10/1/16 – 10/31/16
DMR 9/1/16 – 10/31/16
NSF-MRI 1/11/17
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Late October/2016

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