10 Habits of Highly Effective PUI Researchers


It’s April. Do you have any extra time? Yeah…me neither. Here is a short list full of good advice, and a pretty wordle for you to hang up. Hey – it’s April. We need the inspiration.

  1. Dream big – don’t hold yourself to the standard of always having good ideas. Generate as many ideas as possible (brainstorm, braindump, take notes during meetings). Then…do the science – it can get the juices flowing. Don’t forget to keep the back burner warm.

  2. Write, write, write – make the timewordle 5.png

  3. Be accountable to others (a writing group for example)

  4. Multipurpose everything: Writing a proposal? Write a review article. Need an instrument? Have your students help you write the proposal.

  5. Stay Organized: Make short (6 mo to 1 yr) and long range (2 – 3 yr) plans, find a target date and work backwards.

  6. Protect your time! Shut your door. A little bit of service is more than enough. Make students have compatible times to work with you.

  7. Continuous Professional Development: go to conferences and workshops, take advantage of sabbatical leaves.

  8. Network, network, network: You can meet collaborators, potential reviewers, you can find ideas from other institutions to bring back.

  9. Be strategic: Sometimes good things happen by chance, but better things will happen by planning. Revisit your goals at regular intervals. Do what you need to stay marketable – what do you need for tenure? Are those elements in your goals

  10. Keep going: Rejection is inevitable. You are not an imposter. You don’t have to fix or accomplish everything at once.


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