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CUR is the national voice for undergraduate research interests, and CUR
specializes in faculty development opportunities for all faculty engaged in mentoring undergraduates in original research. CUR also hosts the only National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) where undergraduates can present their work.
 “I joined CUR. Good things happened. Enough said” ~ Dr. Robert Bachman (Individual member (> 10 yrs)
CUR’s focal mission is to speak on behalf of faculty at undergraduate institutions to their administrations and national funding agencies in order to strengthen undergraduate research programs and to generate internal and external support for undergraduate research.

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Shields group pic“I belong to ACS because I’m a chemist. I belong to CUR because I do Undergraduate Research.” ~ Dr. Joe Reczek, Denison University – Individual Member (6 yrs), Enhanced Institutional Member (1 yr)

CUR Events designed for faculty engaged in undergraduate research in the chemical sciences

  • Annual CUR Dialogues in Washington, D.C. where faculty and administrators from undergraduate institutions learn about and help set the national research agenda by meeting with program officers and networking with undergraduate research faculty and adminstrators.
  • Yearly Institutes where faculty and administrators participate as a learning community in developing action plans relating to How to Institutionalize Undergraduate Research, Proposal Writing, Mentorship, Collaboration and Undergraduate Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities, and Beginning a Research Program at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution. and other topics
  • A national CUR mentor program that matches individuals seeking information about starting, sustaining, or re-initiating undergraduate research programs to experienced, tenured CUR faculty.
  • Personalized Program Review Service available for institutions wishing to conduct external reviews of departments, divisions, curricula, and undergraduate research programs and for those seeking advocacy on behalf of the department to the administration.
  • Opportunities for faculty and administrators to interact away from their own campus settings on issues central to local and national undergraduate research agendas and issuesCUR Biennial Conference, Pre-conference meeting at ISSoTL, Undergraduate Research Week Events, Posters on the Hill etc.
CUR Chemistry Councilors – June 2015