Welcome Back from CUR Chemistry!

Thank you for reading CURChem! Did you know this blog is authored by the Chemistry Division of the Council for Undergraduate Research? It’s nice to meet you. We’d like to take a moment to welcome you back to campus for the Fall semester and to tell you a little about how we are advocating for YOU – faculty doing research with undergraduates. 

Another school year is upon us and CUR Chem has spent the summer thinking about how to support you and your undergraduates.  In addition to our ongoing programs, we are embarking on several new initiatives.

CURChem 2018
CUR Chemistry Division Councilors at the Annual Meeting in June 2018

Electronic Writing Group:  Are you having a hard time making time for your research?  Would you like to have a group of like-minded individuals who can help with questions and provide suggestions?  If so, please consider joining our electronic writing groups.  Research on participation in academic writing groups has shown dramatic improvements in productivity.  If you are interested, please contact Joe Baker (bakerj@tcnj.edu).

Community College Group:  Are you doing research at a community college or do you want to be?  We are working to establish a network for chemists teaching at community colleges to understand the unique rewards and challenges of research in this context.  If you are interested, please contact Kim Frederick (kfreder1@skidmore.edu)

Accepting Nomiations for CUR Chem Councilors:  Would you like to be more involved in CUR?  Please consider nominating yourself or another one of your colleagues to be elected as a CUR councilor.  Councilors provide leadership and energy for CUR’s activities and advocacy aimed at strengthening the undergraduate research enterprise.  Serving as a councilor is a great professional development and networking opportunity.  We are particularly interested in broadening the diversity of councilors in all aspects so please consider submitting your name.  All nominations should be sent to Kraig Wheeler by October 1 (kraigwheeler@whitworth.edu).

The CUR Chem Mentoring Task Force Wants YOU! Did you know that CUR’s history is rooted in faculty development and mentoring? Stay tuned this fall for some exciting new opportunities for personal growth and/or service from the CUR Chemistry Mentoring Task Force that will provide a platform for growth and development of faculty at all stages of their careers, including new Ph.D.’s and post-docs transitioning to faculty roles; faculty advancing through the tenure and promotion process; and faculty looking to transition to or from administrative posts.  Additionally, a virtual writing support group will be rolled out for those who really want to write their grants and papers, but are busy and would benefit from some accountability to advance their writing efforts.  If you have any questions or are interested in being either a mentor or mentee, please contact the Mentoring Task Force Chair Amy Deveau (adeveau@une.edu)

In our newsletter, we also highlight some other on-going work including CUR institute programs and publications resulting from undergraduate research experiences.  More information about CUR’s activities and services can be found on our website (www.cur.org).  Questions or feedback?  Please contact me any time!

Now let’s get back in the lab!

Kim Frederick (kfreder1@skidmore.edu)

Chair, Chemistry Division, Council on Undergraduate Research

~This post also appeared in the CUR Chemistry Division Fall 2018 Newsletter

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